‘Avatar’ Tops Foreign B.O. with $166.3 Million

James Cameron film only needs $127 million to break “Titanic”s’ record

"Avatar" closed in on "Titanic"s’ all-time box office record over the weekend, adding another $166.3 million at the international box office to its take. The oversea’s total for James Cameron’s 3D epic now stands at $1.11 billion, it only needs $127 million to bypass the 1997 best picture winner’s $1.24 billion.

The film is showing remarkable staying power, dropping only 17 percent from its foreign total last weekend in some 14,640 screens in 112 territories. It could become the box office record holder within the week if it maintains this pace.

Coming in a distant second was Warner Brothers’ "Sherlock Holmes," netting $26.3 million from 5,514 screens in 53 markets. The $90 million picture has now earned $311 million worldwide, with $131 million of that coming from the international box office.

Fox’s "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel" took the third spot on the foreign box office list, earning $14.3 million from 5,275 screens in 58 markets. The kiddie sequel’s oversea’s total stands at $158.5 million.

Universal’s "It’s Complicated," padded its total with $9 million from 2,100 sites in 24 locations. The Meryl Streep comedy has made $36.4 million at the foreign box office.