Aziz Ansari Eats, Gambles His Way Through Hong Kong on Esquire Network’s ‘The Getaway’ (Video)

The “Parks and Recreation” actor travels to China for the reality series

Esquire Network

Funnyman Aziz Ansari gets a taste of Hong Kong culture during Wednesday’s episode of “The Getaway” at 9/8c on Esquire Network.

The “Parks and Recreation” star brings the funny as he shops for a custom-made suit, attempts his luck at the Hong Kong Derby and bravely consumes the local delicacy- snake soup.

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Attempting to “win some dough” at the horse races, Ansari sips beer through a straw and cheers on the horse with the “strongest name,” his surefire strategy for predicting the winner.

“The Getaway,” executive produced by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, follows various celebrities as they eat, drink, explore, and eat some more in different cities around the world.

Watch the video below to see how Ansari fares at the races: