It’s ‘Barbie’ Marketing Mania at Warner Bros. and Even Competitors Are in Awe

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The assault of pink is driving consumer awareness and what looks to be a big opening weekend

Barbie Movie Marketing
We bet you're seeing Pink. The marketing for the "Barbie" movie is everywhere. (Warner Bros., Christopher Smith/TheWrap)

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months you’ve come into contact with something themed to the upcoming Warner Bros. summer film, “Barbie.”

Currently, you can pre-order a Barbie-themed Xbox that you can play — barring you win the company’s sweepstakes for it — in your Barbie painted home (part of the movie’s partnership with Backdrop paint) and sleep in a bed with Barbie pillows (as part of their partnership with online retailer Kitsch). And don’t forget to protect all that with a home insurance policy courtesy of Progressive, whose new commercial takes place in Barbie’s Dreamhouse! And that’s just the few that pop up on TV, Twitter and Instagram feeds in the last 48 hours.