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BBC News Host Doodles on Paper as Live Broadcast Falls Apart (Video)

Anchor Huw Edwards remains a professional while technical malfunctions plague the show

Not sure what would be the best thing to do when your entire news broadcast falls apart, but it’ll probably be this.

The start of the “BBC News at Ten” met with disaster Tuesday, as the show just couldn’t seem to start. The intro looped over and over again as breaking news graphics kept appearing. It also kept cutting to the anchor, who did nothing but sit in silence waiting for everything to go back to normal.

Anchor Huw Edwards was a professional throughout the whole thing, sitting calmly and waiting for his cue. At one point he did doodle something on the papers in front of him, but we can only guess what he managed to write down.

The only time he mentioned the issue was in a brief statement when he acknowledged there were “a few technical problems, for which we apologize.” As soon as things appeared to be working, he went on with the program.

Two things. First of all, if everything was crumbling around us, we probably wouldn’t just be sitting there in silence, doodling absentmindedly, so good on Edwards. Second of all, the breaking news sound effect will now be haunting our nightmares.

If you care to (and can make it through four minutes of cringeworthy starts and stops) watch the full video above.