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Bella Thorne Has Worked Every Day Since She Was 6 Weeks Old, Plus 4 More Things in Vogue Doc (Video)

”Bella“ short documentary dives deep into Thorne’s personal and professional life

All Bella Thorne hears about herself is that she’s out of control, or that she’s crazy, with her risqué outfits and outlandish social media posts.

Vogue released a new short documentary titled “Bella,” which takes a deep look at the actress and social media star, who used to be a hyper-managed child performer who has since taken life into her own hands.

She sings, she dances, and she stars in films like the Sundance darling “Assassination Nation.” She also explains how she uses social media as a paycheck. In fact, she paid for her own house with money she earned of social media, she shares in the Vogue video.

Directed by Emma Holly Jones, “Bella” takes audiences into Thorne’s home where she creates art, as well as backstage and on stage while she performs. She also says that, at 18, she was finally able to kiss her boyfriend in public without being reprimanded for it.

Thorne recently starred in ‘Midnight Sun” opposite Patrick Schwarzenegger, and will star in the upcoming new season of her show, “Famous in Love.”

See 5 things we learned about Thorne below, and watch the documentary above.

1. She has a fear of driving because her dad died in a motorcycle accident.

“I’ve had a fear of driving since I was little,” Thorne says. “My father died in a motorcycle accident.”

2. Her house is full of weird stuff, and she likes to sleep in a teepee.

Thorne’s house is full of art and weird figures. She has a babadook at the front of her house, but it used to be in the bathroom so guests would scream when they went to use it.

She also likes to sleep in a teepee: “I wanted to have something that felt like a safe space. This, when I get in there, I get all cozy up in this b—-.”

3. She bought her house with money made from social media.

“Instagram is 100 percent a job to me,” she says in the video. “I started at 18 with $200 in my bank account and I bought this house a year later, and it’s all from social media.”

4. She has worked every day since she was six weeks old.

“One thing I can think my mom for, ever since I was literally six weeks old, when I started modeling, all the way to now, I’ve literally worked every single day of my life,” she says.

5. She’s very hands-on in everything she does.

“Every single detail, she wants to be hands-on in,” her sister, Dani Thorne, tells the camera. That involves press tours, interviews, meetings with studios and production companies, etc.

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