Beyonce Shares New Song ‘Die With You’ on Tidal (Video)

Piano ballad was released on the singer and Jay Z’s seventh wedding anniversary

It turns out Beyonce really does run the world.

When Jay Z announced he had purchased music streaming service Tidal during a star-studded press conference last week, he promised fans it would feature “exclusive experiences” from some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Now the fledgling streaming service is delivering on that promise with a new song from Beyoncé, which she teased on her Facebook page by directing fans to

“Die With You,” the singer’s previously unreleased piano-driven ballad, was reportedly penned to mark the seventh anniversary of her and Jay Z’s marriage, was released on the service on Saturday.

Wearing a baseball hat and with her hair in braids, Beyonce plays the soulful tune alone in a white-walled room with a large floral painting behind her. At the end of the clip, the cameraman is revealed to be none other than hubby Jay Z.

Beyonce is part owner of the new service, as are Madonna, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Usher and Deadmau5.

The music streaming service, launched last year, was bought by Jay Z in January. The newly relaunched app is seen as a rival to Spotify, though it doesn’t have a free, ad-supported version. Standard definition streaming starts at $9.99 a month, and a high definition audio version goes for $19.99.

Tidal is reportedly aiming to differentiate itself from competitors like Spotify by locking down exclusive streaming windows with artists. According to the Swedish tech site BreakIt, Jay Z’s service will be signing first-window deals with artists, wherein music would be made available on Tidal first before being allowed to go wide on apps like Spotify later.

Watch Beyoncé “Die With You” here.