‘Big Brother’: Frenchie Is Having a Messy HOH Run – And Nobody Is Mad About It

Not even Frenchie, apparently

Frenchie on Big Brother

Frenchie’s reign as the first Head of Household of “Big Brother” this season is almost up, and just about everyone is ready to see it end.

The good news is that Kyland is no longer up for eviction in the first week. The bad news is the road to that moment was absolutely chaotic. Looking at things objectively, roughly two things went in Frenchie’s favor this week: Derek X used his power of veto to save Kyland, and that put Travis on the block. But let’s take stock of the rest.

Frenchie didn’t want Travis or Derek X playing for the power of veto. Both of them did. Frenchie didn’t want Derek X to win it, because Derek X was Frenchie’s first choice for a backdoor nomination. Derek X won. Frenchie didn’t want to have to go back on his promise of safety to Travis. He did. And finally, Frenchie didn’t want alliances forming during his HOH. “The Cookout” would beg to differ.

Meanwhile, “Big Brother” fans took pure joy in Frenchie’s repeated misfortunes.


Not one player in the house seems to understand Frenchie’s game plan — Azah has even dubbed it “Frenchie’s Funhouse,” saying she’s just holding on for the ride — and his chances of being targeted next week are skyrocketing every second, as he continues to make empty promises to other players.

After promising last week that no women or POC would be nominated for eviction, Frenchie went back on his promise, nominating both (Alyssa and Kyland). With that, the rest of the house immediately got skeptical. Derek X even pointed out on Wednesday that Frenchie has made “a lot of promises to a lot of people” that he didn’t honor.

Only one other player really believed Frenchie’s word: Travis. And at that, the folks of the interwebs were thoroughly entertained.


Obviously, that trust is gone now that Travis is on the block, dubbing Frenchie a “snakey boy” for going back on his word.

And yet, Frenchie himself is “ecstatic,” because he considers Travis the second biggest fish, next to Christian. He even went so far as to say his HOH was “a total success.” Well, you do you, Frenchie. Best of luck in the coming weeks.


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