‘Big Brother’ Player Blasted as ‘Fake Woke’ After Reneging on Diversity Promise

Contestant Frenchie said he wouldn’t put a woman or person of color up for eviction, but that’s just what he did

Frenchie Big Brother

The first two nominations for elimination have been made on Season 23 of “Big Brother” and unfortunately follow a familiar trend — despite a promise that they wouldn’t.

During the premiere of “Big Brother,” Frenchie became the first Head of Household, after winning two competitions (what would’ve been three, had he felt comfortable enough to risk the first week of guaranteed safety for himself and his team). After securing the HoH spot, Frenchie made a promise that no women or person of color would be on the chopping block in the first week, in an effort to break the show’s — particularly Season 21 — history of doing so.

He was lauded for the statement, both by the other players in the house and by fans. But on Sunday night, when it came time for Frenchie to choose his two nominations he pulled a 180, nominating Alyssa Lopez and Kyland Young — a woman and a man of color. His decision had many fans fuming.

“If Kyland or Alyssa go home this week, I won’t be letting this man forget it,” one fan tweeted. “His fake woke act is dangerous, harmful, and goes beyond the game. These two did not deserve to be jerked around on that level.”

Now, for those who don’t watch the live feeds, things between Kyland and Frenchie have apparently gotten more tense since the nomination ceremony. During a discussion of how voting might go, Kyland noted that “I heard 100% I wasn’t going to be on the block” leading Frenchie to get agitated.

In the hours following, fans have criticized Frenchie even further for his reaction to the conversation.

Personally, we hope Kyland sticks around, considering we chose him as one of our potential winners. But fans will find out for sure what his fate will be on Wednesday, during the first live elimination.

“Big Brother” airs on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on CBS.


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