Bill Maher Says Amy Coney Barrett Is ‘a F—ing Nut’

Barrett was reported to be Trump’s Likely Supreme Court Nominee on Friday

Bill Maher Amy Coney Barrett Nuts

On Friday’s episode of “Real Time,” Bill Maher kicked off the show with a monologue largely focused on the only things anyone can think about right now: The upcoming election, the battle to replace RGB on the Supreme Court, and Trump’s disturbing refusal to commit to accepting the results of the election if he loses.

And during the rant, he summed up his opinion of Trump’s likely nominee for the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett, bluntly: “she’s a f—ing nut.”

“It’s 38 days before the election. Feels less like an election and more like a going-out-a-business sale, doesn’t it? It’s like all rules must go in America,” Maher said.

Maher was referring to the disturbing moment Donald Trump, when asked during a White House press conference if he would commit to a “peaceful transferal of power,” refused to do so, made false claims that that there is a widespread problem of ballot fraud, and baselessly accused Democrats of being in on that nonexistent fraud. Read more about that here.

“This week the president just f—ing flat out said it, what I’ve been saying he’s gonna say forever, that he’s been not leaving,” Maher said. “You know, that the law and order president refused to commit to the peaceful transference of power should he lose. I mean, even banana republics are like, ‘This is bananas.’”

“If you are the president, the only acceptable answer to the question of ‘will you submit to the peaceful transference of power’ is ‘yes.’ Not ‘We’re looking at it strongly.’ Not ‘we’ll see what happens,’” Maher continued. “Are these f—ing people insane, this guy will do anything to steal an election.”

“Let me just say this: If you’re a black voter in a red state, you gotta get in line now. Seriously, I mean Trump called mail-in voting today ‘this scam the Democrats are trying to pull.’ He said, ‘this scam will be before the Supreme Court.’ Yes, which we’re currently stealing a seat on,” Maher joked, pretending to represent the GOP point of view. “Because I’m staying and suing, because nothing says democracy like a president who’s a squatter.”

That’s when he turned the topic to the supreme court and Barrett: “And you know this, I think he picked the person for the court today, but all week at the rallies all the Trump people have been chanting, ‘Fill that seat! Fill that seat!’ Even the teabaggers are going, that sounds gay. Teabagging was bad, but this,” Maher said, referring to the report Friday that Trump will announce Barrett on Saturday.

“We’ll be saying this name a lot, I’m sure, because she’s a f—ing nut,” he said.

“Religion. I was right about that one too,” he continued. “Amy Coney Barrett, Catholic. Really Catholic, I mean really, really Catholic. Like speaking in tongues. Like she doesn’t believe in condoms which she has in common with Trump because he doesn’t either. I remember that from Stormy Daniels.”

“So she’s gonna be on the court. RBG’s laying in state. Trump visited RBG’s casket. When he walked in, everybody went ‘boooo’. And of course all the ass kissers around Trump, they told him, ‘No sir, they’re saying ‘coup, coup,’” Maher said. “It’s so funny but we’re losing our country.”

Maher also touched on the weird announcement Trump made this week of a health care plan that didn’t appear to be a plan at all, just taking credit for things that already exist and that he is actively trying to destroy, like protections for preexisting conditions. And then he noted the tragic news this week that more than 200,000 people have been killed by COVID-19 as of this week. He then ended his monologue on a joke about a report this week that Trump privately says very racist things.

“And the Washington Post this week reported that Trump in unguarded moments says racist stuff about Blacks and Jews. Yeah, I got news for you, Post. It’s not that great in guarded moments either,” Maher said. “Apparently he says things like Blacks are lazy, Jews are greedy, and Slovenian women are never in the mood for sex.”


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