Bill Maher Sees a Difference Between Taylor Swift and the Democratic Party: ‘Democrats Cannot Win With Just White People’ (Video) 

The “Real Time” host drew the distinction while discussing an apparent racial shift in U.S. politics

Bill Maher took a dig Friday at Swifty Nation, calling the racial make-up of Taylor Swift’s fanbase into question during HBO’s “Real Time.”

Maher joked the difference between Swift and the Democratic Party is, the pop star can thrive while “Democrats cannot win with just white people.”

“It was a good news/bad news week for the Democrats,” Maher said to kick off the gag. “Bad news, in the six battleground states, Trump is beating Biden in five out of six of them. And Biden’s support among nonwhite voters dropped 33 points. And Democrats cannot win with just white people. Although it hasn’t hurt Taylor Swift.”

Well that’s one way to harsh our mellow, Bill. Ouch.

If taken seriously, Maher’s notion is of course pretty easily shot down. Swifties fill stadiums and movie theaters. Not only are they young and old, but they are Black, brown and white — Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu, even.

Or one would hope.

Maher broached the subject after a quick rundown of Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate.

“They’re down to five candidates on the island now,” Maher joked about the candidates who took part, none of whom was named Trump but “all of whom Trump is beating by 40 points.”

“The only reason to be in this is to be there if for some reason Trump can’t run,” Maher added. “That’s the one thing Republicans and the Democrats have in common right now. They’re both waiting for their nominees to die.”

Watch more from Maher’s monologue in the video at the top of this story.


One response to “Bill Maher Sees a Difference Between Taylor Swift and the Democratic Party: ‘Democrats Cannot Win With Just White People’ (Video) ”

  1. Christina L. Scott Avatar
    Christina L. Scott

    Didn’t watch the 3 major elections on November 7th? Democrats came through. And not just democrats but Republicans also. So you keep relying on polls, while the rest of us work to keep the republicans at bay. Polls have be failing since 2016. Remember?

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