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Bill O’Reilly Calls Himself An ‘Idiot’ for Not Being Prepared for ‘Left-Leaning Attacks’

”I was caught by surprise on it,“ O’Reilly says of media onslaught against his Falklands War reporting

Liberals can rejoice: Bill O’Reilly says he’s an idiot.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, the Fox News primetime host said he was less than brilliant for not being better prepared for what he characterized as a predictable attack he should have expected.

“I was caught by surprise on it,” he said of the recent media attacks he’s endured for his 1980s Falklands War reporting, LA riots reporting, passages from his book pertaining to his first-person account of the suicide of an aide to JFK’s assassin and more.

“I was an idiot for not being prepared for it before a presidential election,” he continued. Although he kept “meticulous record” of his reporting, he wasn’t positive he’d survive the controversy.

“I put out what we had and said, ‘Hey, what ever happens, happens,'” he said. “And luckily, the folks rallied.”

On another embattled TV news star, O’Reilly has no doubt about Brian Williams‘ status.

“I think he’s definitely going to come back,” O’Reilly said. “Andy Lack knows what he’s doing, and he knows that America is a forgiving country. The pundits may not be, and the ideologues may not be, but the folks are. You pay your dues for the mistakes. Williams is a talented man. You find a guy with recognition and talent, you find a place for him.”

Williams is currently serving the third month of a six-month suspension. In his absence, ABC’s “World News Tonight” broke “Nightly News'” five-year total viewers win streak.