Bill O’Reilly Defends Trump in NBC Spat: ‘Propaganda Overriding Fact-Based Reporting’

Former Fox News host goes to bat for Trump on Twitter

bill o'reilly
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Former Fox News star Bill O’Reilly went to bat for Donald Trump on Twitter on Thursday, saying that while the president probably won’t be able to nix NBC’s broadcasting license, he was doing great harm to the network’s “brand.”

“Trump threatening to examine broadcast licenses of NBC & others because he says the organizations fabricate negative stories about him. The President will not be able to impact licenses, but he is doing major damage to the NBC brand,” wrote O’Reilly. “No question propaganda overriding fact-based reporting. Analysis tonight even though I, your humble correspondent, am not objective on this. A free press is vital to protecting all Americans. A corrupt press damages the Republic.”

On Wednesday, President Trump took his usual tirades against “fake news” to a new level when he floated the idea of challenging NBC’s license to broadcast with the Federal Communications Commission.

While FCC chairman Ajit Pai stayed silent on the threat, two former FCC commissioners condemned the tweets to TheWrap.

“If such a threat were carried out it would be a blatantly unacceptable intervention in the jurisdiction of an independent federal agency,” said former Acting FCC chair Michael Copps. “It would have a chilling affect not just on NBC but maybe even worse, small and independent stations who might not have the resources of NBC to fight back such an effort.”