Bill O’Reilly Refuses to Answer Chris Cuomo’s ‘Boring’ Government Shutdown Question: ‘They Always Work It Out’ (Video)

The frequent “Cuomo” guest finally finds a topic for which he has no opinion

If talk about another potential federal government shutdown — who’s to blame, what it could impact, how long it could last — makes your eyes glaze over, well, you’ve got company.

Bill O’Reilly flat-out refused to talk about the topic during a Wednesday appearance on “Cuomo,” Chris Cuomo’s NewsNation show, where the former Fox News host is a frequent guest.

“Look, it still means that the works got gummed up on Biden’s watch,” Cuomo said, responding to a caller who was asking whether the shutdown would affect polling. “And that may be relevant to people because they’re sensitive to problems. And the problem was on your watch. Bill?”

For perhaps the first time in his long broadcasting history, O’Reilly had no opinion.

“It’s too boring for me,” O’Reilly said flatly, after Cuomo threw a question to him about who’s to blame when the federal funding spigot gets turned off, which has happened nearly 10 times since the first in 1980.

“I never cover it,” a visibly subdued O’Reilly said. “They always work it out in the end.”

Which, to be fair, is true — at no point in United States history has the government shut down permanently.

“In the end, I just have really no interest in it,” an increasingly bored-sounding O’Reilly said. “I will tell you, the government is irresponsible in its spending, and that’s going to come back to hurt every single American citizen down the road. But this ongoing budget stuff — it’s boring, and they all use it, and I have no interest in it. I’m sorry. I’m probably a derelict commentator.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video above.


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