Chris Cuomo Takes ‘Both Barrels’ of Bill O’Reilly’s Case to Impeach Biden – Then Fires Back (Video)

“Context is important,” Cuomo says, quoting back his frequent guest and political sparring partner

Chris Cuomo let his frequent guest, longtime friend and political adversary Bill O’Reilly unload his best argument for Republicans to impeach Joe Biden on his nightly NewsNation show “Cuomo” – then shot right back the following night.

Wednesday was Como’s 53rd birthday, and O’Reilly took part in the festivities before the podcaster and former Fox News host made his case for House Republicans to pursue impeachment. O’Reilly said testimony that the president was on several of Hunter Biden’s business phone calls and money transfers was all the “proof” needed to launch a federal investigation.

But that may be nothing more than “proof in the eye of the beholder,” Cuomo said Thursday night, with O’Reilly safely out of the frame. Cuomo opened by suggesting that the revelations brought by former Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer are igniting people’s political feelings before they’ve weighed the facts.

“The game of going after what suits your feelings in politics,” Cuomo called it, citing a poll showing nearly eight in 10 Republican voters in Iowa want the House to get the paperwork ready.

O’Reilly had argued that there’s “real proof here” that Biden was “in on the scheme” to peddle influence, and said anyone who doesn’t see it that way must be living in “Little bo Peep Land.”

“Bill O’Reilly was very strong about this,” Cuomo said. “Many of you noted it – he gave you both barrels tonight, Cuomo! And on your birthday!”

Cuomo seemed to seize on O’Reilly’s “Little Bo Peep” comment, saying “the stronger the case is, the less you insult the other side. … I know he’s not trying to hurt my feelings, he’s trying to bolster his case by just reducing the fact that I’m resisting. But why am I resisting?”

Cuomo said it’s “very dangerous” to represent someone’s communications from hearsay – Biden may have been on the phone with Hunter on dozens of occasions, but talking about what, exactly?

“I’m sure he was on the phone hundreds of times. He was in constant contact with his son Hunter,” Cuomo said. “Why? Constantly working on the relationship, worried about him. Because he was fragile. And I don’t know about your family, but let me tell you something, when someone you love is in the position that he was every day, you’re worried about whether is today is the day he’s going to relapse. So you are in constant communication.”

Watch the entire argument in the video above.