Aaron Paul Discovers Bryan Cranston’s Been Living in the ‘Breaking Bad’ Meth RV (Video)

Oh, Cranston, put those tighty whities back on, please

Bryan Cranston, what happened?

In honor of the 10th anniversary of “Breaking Bad,” the cast is reminiscing with reunion interviews and even an upcoming appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this week.

The latest event to mark the milestone is an Omaze fundraiser put together by Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) and Cranston (Walter White), which the two promoted Tuesday with a short clip that proves they are having a pretty hard time letting go of Vince Gilligan’s iconic AMC series — and the van they cooked all that fictional meth in.

In the clip, Paul says he and Omaze will “fly one winner and a friend out to cook in the RV right here, on the Sony, lot in Los Angeles.”

“We’re either gonna cook some meth, or cook some breakfast,” he adds, before someone off camera clarifies the parameters of the prize. “What? Yeah, OK, probably breakfast.”

Paul then enters the iconic trailer to give potential donors a sneak peek, only to discover his former co-star is, um, living there.

“No tours! Private residence,” we hear Cranston say, before Paul pulls back a curtain to reveal the actor lounging in a robe, sans tighty whities. Cranston is so excited to see his old pal and says he’s looking great — but Paul can’t say the same for Cranston, as he’s wondering what the heck he’s doing in the van.

Cranston tries to play off his living situation as “researching a role” for a movie. When Paul attempts to explain the fundraiser, Cranston gets confused and assumes they are rebooting “Breaking Bad” (a gig he seems to need desperately).

Paul is completely freaked out to learn Cranston has been squatting there and even more freaked out when he sees “there is like a month worth of s—” in a bucket. Wow.

When the guys take their spat outside and a group of tourists catch them bickering, we learn Paul has also fallen on hard times and is actually a guide on the Sony lot.

All the money from the Omaze fundraiser campaign will go to support Kind Campaign and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Or help Cranston and Paul “buy new stuff.” It’s not totally clear who is more needy here.

Watch the promo above.