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‘Breaking Bad’ Star Aaron Paul Says Final 2 Episodes Are ‘Messier,’ Reveals Bizarre Hidden Talent (Video)

” it gets so crazy, I can’t wait for people to see how it all plays out,” the actor tells Jimmy Kimmel

Want to know how AMC’s meth hit “Breaking Bad” ends? Don’t ask series star Aaron Paul — because you just might get an answer.

Paul — who plays Jesse Pinkman on “Breaking Bad” — dropped in on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Wednesday night, and said that he’s barraged with fans wanting to know what happens in the final two episodes of the series. (“Breaking Bad” wraps up with its series finale Sept. 29.)

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The actor revealed that he sometimes reaches the point of exasperation and decides to tell them — at which point he shuts them down.

It is just madness out there. People come up to me constantly, just begging to have me tell them what is happening with the show, how it’s going to end. They just constantly harass me,” Paul revealed to Kimmel. “And finally I”m just like, ‘Alright fine; I will tell you, you want me to tell you?’ And they’re like ‘Yes, please tell me.’ and I’m like, ‘Alright, so this is how it ends. And then they just start screaming at me — ‘How dare you? don’t tell me! no, no, no, stop!'”

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While Paul didn’t divulge specific details about the show’s ending on “Kimmel,” he did say that the final two will be “much more messier” than the already intense episode “Ozymandias,” which aired on Sunday.

“You know last week’s episode was pretty messy?” Paul said. “The final two episodes are so much more messier. It goes to a place that … it gets so crazy, I can’t wait for people to see how it all plays out.”

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Watch Paul talk “Bad” and reveal his secret hidden talent below: