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Brian Kilmeade Facebook Page Taken Over by Turkish Hackers

The breach happened less than an hour after the wrap of Monday’s ”Fox & Friends“

The Facebook page of “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade fell into the control of a mysterious group of Turkish hackers on Monday.

Less than an hour after “Fox & Friends” wrapped, the banner on Kilmeade’s page had been changed to a large Turkish flag and several curious comments had been posted.

“There are reports in Afrin that the Turkish Armed Forces have killed civilians. These are fake news. The target is PKK-PYD. Thousands of terrorists have been destroyed to this day,” said the hacked Kilmeade page. “Operation in Afrin, I support Turkey!”

In addition to his personal account, hackers also took control of the official page of “The Brian Kilmeade Show.”

“Your account was hacked by Turkish hackers. Your messages and your data have been captured. Smile, Turks come,” they wrote.

Though it’s not much on the U.S. domestic radar — and certainly not on “Fox & Friends” rundown — the Syrian city of Afrin has emerged as a central location in Turkey’s long-term struggle against Kurdish separatists.

The country is currently involved in a nasty cross border campaign against the Kurds in the city and elsewhere.

Kilmeade is the latest prominent media figure to fall victim to the mysterious Pro-Turkey hacking campaign. Former Fox News stars Eric Bolling, Greta Van Susteren and James Rosen were all compromised last month on Twitter by the same group.


This is the first major instance of a breach on Facebook. It’s still unclear, how Kilmeade was hacked.

Reps for Twitter, Facebook, and Fox News did not immediately respond to request for comment.