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Brian Williams Reluctantly Joins Twitter

”Nightly News“ host, who has often ridiculed the medium, gets an account

The majority of his audience may not know what “The Twitter” is, but “Nightly News” host Brian Williams has finally joined the social messaging service.

Katie Couric welcomed her network rival like this:

Hi @bwilliams! Welcome to @twitter! Looking forward to following you (don't worry, I'm not a stalker) Your pal, Katie

Williams – whose account has been verified — already has more than 2,000 followers, and this despite sending out a single tweet. (He’s following just one Twitter account: the official “NBC Nightly News” Twitter feed.)

He joins a handful of celebrities — Steve Martin, Kanye West and 50 Cent — to hop on Twitter in the last couple weeks. (John Mayer, the serially self-aware singer-songwriter, deactivated his account last week, leaving his 3,000,000-plus followers to seek him out on Tumblr.)

But Williams, a frequent blogger, had long scoffed at the idea of Twitter.

“The details of my own life bore me,” he told Broadcasting & Cable late last year, “so I cannot imagine anyone expressing interest in them. …And I'm not in that big a hurry. There is nothing I need to say so urgently. If I feel the need for Twitter, if I think it will satisfy something and fill a national yearning, I'll start doing it.”

And while Williams may be a late adopter, he’s not last holdout among his evening news colleagues. Diane Sawyer, ABC “World News” host, does not personally tweet.