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Budweiser’s Name Change Is a Total Buzz-Kill on Twitter

The Twitterverse does a collective spit-take over re-branding of iconic brew as ”America“

Much like many beers, some ideas are just too hard to swallow for the American public.

Anheuser-Busch announced Tuesday that it is re-branding its signature beer, Budweiser, to America this summer.

“Here’s to America the beautiful. Hold her high this summer,” the company tweeted. #ThisBudsForYou.” The message was accompanied by an image of a Budweiser can altered to read “America.”

Oddly, a good number of Americans found the move distasteful, and vented their displeasure on social media.

“Budweiser is re-branding itself as simply ‘America’ this summer because ‘Fermented Garbage Water’ wraps too far around the can,” one critic clucked.

Another Twitter wag found irony in the fact that the beer’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch InBev is actually headquartered in Belgium.

“Foreign-owned beer company Budweiser to temporarily rename itself ‘America’ and apparently this isn’t a joke,” the unhappy customer wrote.

Stoner icon Tommy Chong simply offered, “Budweiser changing its name to America is the most Middle American thing I’ve ever heard.”

Read below for a sampling of reactions.