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Can Mark Hamill’s Name Alone Make a Tweet Go Viral? The Actor Tests the Theory

That theory has sent the ”Star Wars“ legend trending on Twitter

Mark Hamill stumbled onto a theory on Sunday that just tweeting his name can draw thousands of likes and become a trending topic on Twitter, so he decided to test it.

Turns out that theory may be plausible. As of writing, Hamill’s tweet with just his name has drawn over 150,000 likes in just over two hours, and the original tweet that inspired Hamill to try it out has received over 4,700 likes. Meanwhile, other actors like George Takei and Lance Reddick are getting in the act, sending Hamill trending on Twitter.

Hamill has become a master of social media, using his “Star Wars” and “Batman” fame to create multiple viral moments. Several years ago, he read out Donald Trump’s tweets in Joker’s voice, and he has also been known to post pictures of himself in disguise at San Diego Comic-Con, taking pictures with unsuspecting fans.

Last year, Hamill also shocked “Star Wars” fans when he made a surprise, CGI-aided cameo in the season finale of “The Mandalorian,” as Luke Skywalker took Grogu, aka “Baby Yoda,” to receive Jedi training.

In a charity stream last week, it was revealed that showrunner Jon Favreau kept the secret of Hamill’s cameo from even the cast of the show, telling them in the script that another Jedi Master was coming to pick up Grogu.

Check out more Mark Hamill tweets below.