Threads Poses a Real Threat to Twitter – if Meta Plays Its Cards Right | Analysis

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The Instagram-linked app has a unique userbase advantage that could allow it to do what Bluesky and Mastodon can’t

Threads vs Twitter (Bing Image Creator)
To thread or to tweet, that's the question.

Meta’s Twitter lookalike, Threads, has only been publicly available for a day and already has tens of millions of users.

That kind of explosive growth certainly makes a case that Elon Musk’s $44 billion purchase finally has some real competition. But experts say Threads still has a lot to prove before it can represent the end of the blue bird’s reign.

“The challenges with profitability that Twitter continues to endure make Threads a real threat, as its creator [Meta] is an ad revenue machine,” said Matt Ferrel, VP at ticket site TickPick and former product marketing manager at Google.

It’s undeniable that Twitter has had a rough go with advertisers in recent years.