Cassidy Hutchinson Slams Matt Gaetz as an ‘Unserious Politician’ Over Kevin McCarthy Ouster: ‘Not Surprised at All’ (Video)

 “He is single-handedly uprooting the Republican Party, which is already hanging on by a thread,” the former Trump administration aide says


Cassidy Hutchinson, the former Trump administration aide, joined “CNN This Morning” to speak with co-anchors Poppy Harlow and Phil Mattingly about Rep. Matt Gaetz’s motion to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

“The View” co-host and former White House director of strategic communications Alyssa Farah Griffin also joined the interview to give insight into the uproar Gaetz has caused.

Mattingly asked Hutchinson if she was surprised by the new dynamic.

“I’m not surprised at all. Matt is an unserious politician, and that’s something that a lot of House Republicans and frankly House Democrats have recognized for a very long time. Matt is in office for himself. Matt is more concerned about getting sound bites and about making an image for himself than he is about passing effective policy,” Hutchinson said. “We see that with what’s playing out on the Hill right now. He is single-handedly uprooting the Republican Party, which is already hanging on by a thread. And this is just — it’s a symptom of the greater problem with the Republican Party right now too. We need to focus on electing effective leaders to Congress, and not people like Matt Gaetz who are willing to hold government funding hostage because of a personal qualm he has with the Speaker of the House.”

Harlow pointed out Gaetz’s relentlessness, asking Griffin if Gaetz could pull off the move he was trying to make.

Griffin outlined two scenarios, one in which the Democrats vote with House Republicans to table the measure, and another in which the Democrats “let the Republicans display their chaos on the House floor.”

It looks like a clown show. We have, what, 43 days to fund the government? But, to Cassidy’s point, this is personal with Matt Gaetz,” Griffin said. “It goes, even before the Ethics Committee, he has got a personal beef with McCarthy.”

Griffin’s reference to government funding comes three days after the federal government narrowly avoided a shutdown Saturday night as President Joe Biden signed a temporary funding deal to keep agencies running.


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