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CBS Network, Syndication Group Begin Buyouts and Layoffs (Exclusive)

Relatively small-scale restructuring may impact a few dozen employees at most, TheWrap is told

CBS has offered buyouts to certain personnel and laid others off, TheWrap has learned.

We’re told this restructuring is relatively small-scale and that the headcount won’t come close to triple digits — perhaps a few dozen employees at most are being impacted. The round is a combination of buyouts, position eliminations and layoffs.

A few departments are being effected by the cuts — most notably at the CBS network and within its syndication group.

CBS declined comment on this story.

CBS is certainly not alone in realigning resources this year: Disney’s ABC and ESPN have both suffered job reductions recently. Tribune went through a similar thing in April.

ABC’s cuts were primarily in non-content and operational sectors and will affect all divisions, including ABC Entertainment, ABC Studios, Freeform, Disney Channel, DisneyXD and Disney Junior. And late last month, ESPN laid off another 150 people — that’s on top of the 100 on-air personalities the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” sent packing in June.

The story has been the same — and oftentimes, worse — elsewhere in media. LA Weekly just chopped up its staff, for example. Last week, BuzzFeed sent 100 to the unemployment line.