’60 Minutes’ Benghazi Report Under ‘Review’ Over ‘New Information’

Video pulled from CBS.com

CBS announced on Thursday that it was reviewing a “60 Minutes” report on the attack of an American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans in 2012 after serious questions arose about the credibility of a key source.

“’60 Minutes’ has learned of new information that undercuts the account told to us by Morgan Jones of his actions on the night of the attack on the Benghazi compound,” CBS News said in a statement. “We are currently looking into this serious matter to determine if he misled us, and if so, we will make a correction.”

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Video of the Oct. 27 report was also pulled from CBS.com.

Security contractor Dylan Davies, under the pseudonym “Morgan Jones,” gave the show an eyewitness account about the Benghazi attack — but told the FBI that he wasn’t actually there. An incident report from Davies’ employer, Blue Mountain, also said Davies was not at the scene.

CBS previously defended its report when cracks emerged in Davies’ story.

On Wednesday, “60 Minutes” EP Jeff Fager told the Huffington Post “we are proud of the reporting that went into the story and have confidence that our sources, including those who appeared on ’60 Minutes,’ told accurate versions of what happened that night.”