’60 Minutes’ Sets Air Date for Stormy Daniels Interview

A senior CBS News source confirms the eagerly awaited report will be on march 25 broadcast

Stormy Daniels
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

CBS News has set a tentative date for Anderson Cooper’s “60 Minutes” interview with adult film actress Stormy Daniels, who has become the center of a political storm over her accusations of an affair with President Donald Trump and a payment she said she received to try to silence her.

The network has tentatively set the report to air on the March 25 episode, a senior CBS employee familiar with the matter told TheWrap.

Though the interview with correspondent Anderson Cooper was filmed last week, there was some confusion about when or even if the final footage would ever make airtime.

Speaking at INTV conference in Jerusalem last week, CBS News chief David Rhodes smacked down suggestions that the interview was being delayed by pending litigation and said the delay was because additional reporting was needed.

“The only reason it hasn’t run is that there is still a lot of journalism left to do,” he told Israeli TV anchor Yonit Levi.

Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti has been engaged in a media blitz in recent days hyping the interview. On “Morning Joe” Friday, he dropped a new nugget, revealing on set that his client has been physically threatened thought he declined to get into any further specifics and directed the show’s stunned co-hosts to watch the upcoming interview.

The news about the Stormy Daniels air date was first reported by the Washington Post.