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‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina': Chance Perdomo on Ambrose’s ‘Dark, Dark, Dark’ Season 2 (Video)

”Ambrose’s past kind of begins to bubble and brew under the surface,“ Netflix star tells TheWrap

If you had to watch Season 1 of Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” between your fingers with all the lights on, then you might want to consider strictly binge-viewing the show’s second chapter — which dropped Friday — during the day, as it’s somehow an even darker take on the teen witch’s tale than the first year was.

“Oh yeah, Season 1 has nothing on Season 2, as far as darkness,” “Sabrina” star Chance Perdomo told TheWrap in the above interview.

And part of the reason the streaming service’s Kiernan Shipka-led drama about the Archie Comics character goes to the darker side in its second go-round is because Perdomo’s character, Sabrina’s cousin Ambrose, helps take it there.

“Ambrose is gonna get a little bit wild and enjoy himself, right?” Perdomo said. “He’ll still be taking on the consequences of Sabrina’s (Shipka) actions. That’s a given until Sabrina, I don’t know, as kind of part of her hubris, finally takes on the consequences.”

“But he’s very much having fun at the moment,” he added. “And he’s about to have not so much fun, at all. It’s about to get very dark for Ambrose, indeed. As in dark, dark, dark.”

Season 1 — followed by the holiday special — ended with Ambrose finally back in the Church of Night’s good graces and freed from his decades-long house arrest, which he was under for that whole trying-to-blow-up-the-Vatican thing.

Now he’s dating Luke and trying to please Father Blackwood by joining up with the other boys at the Academy of Unseen Arts. And all of this could lead to trouble.

“[The darkness] has to do with Luke, it has to do with Father Blackwood, it has to do with Prudence, it has to do with being attacked, it has to do with outside threats,” Perdomo said, adding: “And it gets very aggressive. They need to be able to learn how to fight, essentially.”

We also tried to get Perdomo to spill on when we’ll learn more about Ambrose’s past, something fans have been desperately waiting for more details about since the character became a fan favorite on Season 1.

“You won’t necessarily see the payoff, so to speak, but you’ll see the setup come,” Perdomo said. “Ambrose’s past, that’s something that has to do with how it gets dark as well. Ambrose’s past kind of begins to bubble and brew under the surface and he has to be able to answer certain questions and come to some sort of reconciliation with his past, otherwise ish could go down.”

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Season 2 launches April 5 on Netflix.