Chris Cuomo Says Joe Biden’s Continued Nonanswers on Hunter Could Cost Him the Election: ‘There’s Blood in the Water’ (Video)

“It’s inept, it’s ineffective and it makes it look like you’ve got something to hide,” the News Nation host says

Chris Cuomo says the Biden Administration’s continued non-answers to questions about an apparent exchange between Hunter Biden and his Chinese Communist Party-connected business partner are stirring up “blood in the water” in the press, while severely weakening the president’s re-election chances.

“If he loses, we’re going to talk about this reason: It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up,” Cuomo said Friday night on his News Nation show “Cuomo.” “And as we saw today again, the president and his administration [are] on a collision course with the truthiness of this adage.”

Cuomo quoted from a WhatsApp message that surfaced last week as part of a whistleblower’s testimony to Congress, in which the president’s son starts by saying he’s sitting with his father, who has maintained for years no involvement with his son’s business dealings. The message threatens a “grudge” within his realm of influence if the business partner fails to fulfill a “commitment.”

Cuomo was shocked that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre flatly deflected questions about the revelation to the administration’s general counsel (which has also not issued a statement), basically telling reporters that she would not be answering that question.

“If you do not tell us your story, someone else will,” Cuomo said. “The president and his people just don’t seem to get this.”

Cuomo said a Biden re-election campaign would not survive much longer on the strategy of stonewalling, comparing it to mounting pressure that ended the Nixon Administration.

“What I saw today is why he could lose the election,” he said. “You have to define the narrative. Is this a kill shot on Biden? Of course not. … It’s about how you handle it. And when you’re explaining in politics, you’re losing. And when you refuse to answer in politics, you are dying. … when you refuse to answer, they’re gonna keep coming. You think it’s going to go away? No way. Not when there’s blood in the water.

“It reads as weakness, and weakness reads as trouble, and trouble reads as loss,” he said.

Cuomo briefly referenced his experiences within his own political family, suggesting former Govs. Mario (his father) and Andrew (his brother) were deeply troubled by perceptions of grifting off the family name.

“Believe me. I grew up with this,” Cuomo said. “My father had a paranoia about it, my brother had a paranoia about it, the way they would cut people off because of even the suggestion of this, because they knew that you’re dead if it even smells bad.”

But Cuomo kept coming back to the Biden administration running poor Jean-Pierre out to the dais to say nothing.

“It’s inept, it’s ineffective and it makes it look like you’ve got something to hide,” Cuomo said.

Watch the entire segment above.