Chris Cuomo Disappoints Caller Asking About Prison Time for Trump: ‘I Just Don’t See It Going There’ (Video)

“Prison time? None. This isn’t going to be about prison time,” the NewsNation host told Ashley from San Francisco

Chris Cuomo – hey, remember him? – disappointed a caller into his NewsNation show who was clearly hoping the “Cuomo” host would affirm her hope that Donald Trump would end up in prison.

“Ashley” from San Francisco called into Cuomo’s 8 p.m. show Friday, and loaded her question in a way that froze the former CNN primetime anchor in his tracks: “Based on your legal expertise, what evidence in the indictment is most likely to lead to prison time?” she asked.

Cuomo started to answer one way, then stopped himself:

“Prison time? None,” he said. “This isn’t going to be about prison time. I know it could. I know the are guidelines – I know, I know, I know. I just don’t see it going there.”

But Cuomo does think the indictment’s obstruction charges will be troublesome for the president, who he said will likely need to make a plea deal or face the very real possibility of a conviction.

“For me, if this gets to the proving phase, meaning he doesn’t cut a deal, what is the biggest thing for him to contend with?” Cuomo continued. “I believe it’ going to be the obstruction stuff. Because it’s out of his own mouth and his lawyers’. And his aides’.”

Cuomo said the amount of information in the indictment was unusual – normally you won’t see that level of detail until the gears get grinding in court.

“We’ve never seen Trump caught doing what he’s always suspected of doing, which is trying to get away with something,” Cuomo said. “And this time he’s caught with his own words. But I don’t know about anything like prison time.”

“Cuomo” launched on NewsNation in October, months after the liberal host was ousted from CNN over reports of harassment and questions of his role in a scandal involving his brother, then-Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Watch the entire segment above.