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Chris Evans Falls Hard for Michelle Monaghan in First ‘Playing It Cool’ Trailer (Video)

”Love is a downer,“ says Evans ”but then I met this girl“

Voltage Pictures released the first trailer for Chris Evans‘ new romantic comedy “Playing It Cool” on Friday.

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The film, formerly called “A Many Splintered Thing,” follows a rom-com (Evans) screenwriter who’s disillusioned in the ways of love — at least until he meets Michelle Monaghan.

“Love is a downer,” he narrates, “but then I met this girl.”

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The romantic first meeting involves seducing strangers at a fancy party. “You know what this seat is made out of?” asks Evans as he cozies up to a bewildered older lady. “Boyfriend material.”

Unfortunately Monaghan’s character is betrothed to another, so the duo decides to keep their relationship platonic. To play it cool, if you will.

But Evans’ friends aren’t buying it. “Boy meets girl. Boy girl do it. Happily ever after,” instructs one.

“I’m sorry, but do men really think sex is the answer to everything?” responds Aubrey Plaza. Yup, they do.

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Justin Reardon directed the Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair-scripted film, which also stars Giovanni Ribisi, Anthony Mackie and Topher Grace.