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Marlon Brando’s Little Black Book and Other Hollywood Memorabilia Up for Auction

Paul Newman personal screenplay for ”The Sting,“ ”Ten Commandments“ art, and Marlon Brando’s little black book among auction entries

Marlon Brando‘s little black book, filled with contact info for Hollywood elites including Harvey Weinstein, Johnny Depp and Oliver Stone hit the auction block this week, along with other memorabilia from Hollywood’s Golden Age.

New Hampshire based RR Auction, which regularly lists classic Hollywood items, says the contact book is a peek into the life of the Academy Award winning actor.

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“Fantastic associations abound within this book–it is essentially a microcosm of Brando’s entire life and career, with early entries like director Elia Kazan representing his early Oscar-winning role in ‘On the Waterfront,’ and [director Francis Ford] Coppola symbolizing his later classics like ‘The Godfather’ and ‘Apocalypse Now,'” vice president of RR Auction Bobby Livingston said.

Also on the listing is Paul Newman‘s personal screenplay for Best Picture winner “The Sting.” The script is covered in notes Newman made to himself about his character, Henry Gondorff:

“More needed here. The con of Hooker & hook Gondorf [sic] – how does Hooker get Gondorf to go the hustle? Charm? Potential? Gondorf should have more a sense if laying low and Hooker has to drag him out of hiding or retirement or whatever. Not in here now. Gondorf should have more a sense of laying low and Hooker seduces him into going the big con.”

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Newman’s copy of the script, which also won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, had bids over $5000 in at time of this writing.

Concept art of different looks for Charlton Heston in “The Ten Commandments” currently range from less than $700 to over $2000 apiece.

The auction, which also includes a Superman costume worn by Dean Cain in the television series “Lois & Clark” that’s currently going for more than $13,000, closes on Thursday Jan. 23.

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