‘Breaking Bad’ Up for Auction: You Can Own Walter White’s Tighty-Whiteys

Also up for auction: the Hello Kitty phone, Uncle Hector’s wheelchair and Skyler’s Jeep

If you’re depressed at the coming end of “Breaking Bad,” now you can re-enact the show in your own home.

A slew of items ranging from the Haz-Mat suits to Walter White’s tighty-whiteys are going up for auction through the new site ScreenBid.

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Also up for sale are Jesse Pinkman’s Hello Kitty phone; Walter White’s tighty-whiteys (now on display at New York’s Museum of the Moving Image), Walt’s Pontiac Aztec, the inscribed copy of Leaves of Grass, Skyler White’s 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Hector “Tio” Salmanaca’s explosion-damaged wheelchair, and Tuco’s grill, encased in Lucite.

“The worldwide market for Hollywood memorabilia and collectibles is enormous and growing,” Screenbid co-founders Jeffrey A. Dash and Bill Block said in a statement. “ScreenBid’s curators work directly with studio archivists and filmmakers to connect fans directly with their favorite movies and TV shows by making available the best props, wardrobe pieces and set decoration from the big and small screens.”

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The company works directly with studios, producers and directors. Everything it sells includes a studio-certified seal. The money goes to the studios that contribute the items, with a commission going to ScreenBid.