CPAC Officials Heckled for Asking Attendees to Comply With Hotel Rules on Wearing Masks (Video)

CPAC’s Dan Schneider and Carly Conley reminded attendees to wear masks and got yelled at for it

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Two CPAC officials were heckled Friday after asking guests of the conservative conference to respect the venue’s rules and wear their masks.

“I know this might sound like a little bit of a downer but we also believe in property rights and this is a private hotel and we believe in the rule of law,” said organizer Dan Schneider, standing on stage at Orlando’s Hyatt Regency. “We need to comply with the laws of this county that we’re in. A private hotel just like your house gets to set its own rules.”

He tossed to planner Carly Conley, who also rambled a little before actually getting to the point: CPAC-ers needed to put their masks on.

“Please, everyone — when you’re in the ballroom, when you’re seated — you should still be wearing a mask,” she pleaded. “So if everybody can go ahead… work on that.”

The crowd erupted after that, shouting, “Freedom!”

“I know. I know. It’s not the most fun…” tried Conley as the anger swelled. Meanwhile, Schneider tried to simplify the request as much as possible, pointing out that attendees were free to make rules and not wear masks in their own homes, but the political conference was “borrowing somebody else’s house” for the time being.

The response wasn’t surprising. Earlier in the day, speakers railed against coronavirus lockdowns to cheers from attendees. Reports from inside the conference detail how attendees are blatantly disregarding masks rules in the venue, with some even coughing when requested to don one.

Watch below:


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