‘Daily Show’ Trashes Media for ‘Making Up Bulls–t Because There’s No Consequence of Being Wrong’

Jon Stewart and his news team realize that “going out on a limb” passes for “smart political analysis” these days

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 8:20 PM

The media has a bad habit of trying to predict political elections years before they happen, and “the best f–king news team” on “The Daily Show” noticed they’re just about wrong every time.

Naturally, that didn’t stop every major media personality from speculating on Wednesday how Bill de Blasio’s victory in the New York City mayor race, Terry McAuliffe’s Virginia governor win and Gov. Chris Christie’s re-election would affect the 2016 presidential race.

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“Daily Show” correspondents Aasif MandviJason Jones and Al Madrigal took turns weighing in with their own theories, which Mandvi described as “smart political analysis.”

But perhaps Madrigal’s assessment of their contribution — and every other media personality’s — was a bit more accurate.

“Making up bullshit because there’s no consequence of being wrong,” Madrigal said.

Host Jon Stewart supported that theory by showing a number of video clips featuring a variety of pundits giving predictions that never panned out in the past, but that doesn’t matter.

“And they’re all still on TV,” Madrigal concluded.


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