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Fox News’ Dan Bongino Does Mid-Taping Battle With ‘Freakin’ Fly’ (Video)

A bug interrupted the filming of Bongino’s ”Unfiltered“ program

Fox News’ Dan Bongino added to the growing catalogue of recorded taping mishaps this week when he shared a video of himself swatting away a “bastard” fly.

The “Unfiltered” host aired a montage of his bug battle Saturday and crossposted it to social media. He warned viewers that “during commercial breaks, things happen” and the clips included “gruesome violence.”

The clips showed him saying he was going to “kill this freakin’ fly,” calling it a “little bastard” and questioning whether it was “a far-left fly” or “a Biden bug.” He said he was “ready to fumigate the whole house with deadly chemicals just to kill these things, just to prove a point.”

Bongino is neither the first host to face technical difficulties — especially while working and broadcasting from home, as so many have done during the coronavirus pandemic — nor the first public figure to deal specifically with bugs while cameras were rolling. Former vice president Mike Pence was infamously besieged by a fly during a debate against Vice President Kamala Harris last year and earlier this year, CNN’s Manu Raju had a cicada climb into his collar while he set up a shot.

Bongino’s ire is usually reserved for entities outside of the insect world. He launched his own news aggregator two years ago to compete with Matt Drudge’s powerhouse Drudge Report, has been a vocal critic of Twitter and what he sees as the platform’s censorship of conservative voices and has even gone after Fox News and his own colleagues, like Geraldo Rivera.