James Corden Pitches Ryan Reynolds Some ‘Awful’ Deadpool Sidekicks (Video)

Something tells us Marvel won’t be doing a Strawberry Short Fuse spinoff any time soon

James Corden has some ideas for Ryan Reynolds on how to improve the movie star’s smash-hit superhero flick “Deadpool.” Unfortunately, they’re all terrible.

“The Late Late Show” host pitched his Thursday guest a bunch of sidekicks for the obvious “Deadpool” sequel, though we don’t think Marvel is going to bite on these bad ideas.

First, there was Iceman (pictured above, in case you couldn’t tell): Not good, lousy catchphrase and an unflattering costume.

Next up, Strawberry Short Fuse: We don’t think the bad guys will be afraid of this one.

Then there was an unsuccessful clam costume, the Potato Man attempt, some weird Ravey Crockett getup, and a Magic Clown of sorts. After those flopped in the perfectly decorated Reynolds’ office, Corden presented one with no name or explanation — it kind of looked like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader that was grand-marshaling a marching band parade.

Sadly, Tenta-Kill, the CBS host’s final attempt to be Deadpool’s Robin, was probably his best (or maybe his worst) one. Reynolds quickly dismissed all eight options as “awful,” but the reigning box office king offered up one idea to comfort a distraught Corden: “Double Deadpool.”

CBS then rolled a clip from the potential sequel, showcasing the chubbier Deadpool’s “blazing speed” and bladder control.

Watch the video above.