Distress Signal? Sean Spicer Wears Flag Upside-Down (Video)

Upside-down flag is traditionally a call for help

Last Updated: March 10, 2017 @ 11:55 AM

Is Sean Spicer in distress? The White House press secretary accidentally wore his flag pin upside down at a news conference Friday, until a reporter gave him a heads-up. The upside-down flag is traditionally a distress signal and call for help.

Fox News’ John Roberts opened up the question-and-answer segment of the briefing by teasing Spicer about the pin being upside-down and the press secretary quickly fixed it, seemingly unaware of the symbolic meaning of an upside-down-flag.

“John Roberts, always helpful with the fashion tips,” Spicer said as another reporter jokingly asked if it was a distress call.

Spicer, who has become a household name after being mocked by Melissa McCarthy on “Saturday Night Live,” continues to accidentally provide material for the comedy show. Spicer even poked fun at himself when he referenced attacking reporters with the podium, which McCarthy often does during her impersonation.

Trump and his surrogates have had an unusually combative relationship with the media, referring to the news industry as the “opposition party.” Trump has called out CNN as “fake news.”

However, Spicer has developed an at-times playful relationship with the press. He dubbed today’s briefing “One-Question Friday,” because of reporters’ tendency to ask multiple questions when called upon.

People on social media were quick to pick up on Spicer’s fashion mistake: