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Does ‘Jason Bourne’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Will Matt Damon’s latest outing as a former government assassin leave the door open for another film?

As “Jason Bourne” bounds back to theaters this Friday, audiences can expect the usual gritty violence and explosive action that Matt Damon has brought to three previous films in nearly 15 years.

But will the franchise about a human assassin adopt a popular habit of the superhero genre, a post-credits scene that teases a continuation of the story?

In short, Bourne fans — no.

Greengrass’ third outing with Damon (the first movie, “The Bourne Identity,” was directed by Doug Liman) wraps up as the previous ones have.

Post-credit scenes can be deployed to great effect, however, and not just for movies about the cape-and-tights crowd. Paul Feig used one in his “Ghostbusters” reboot, currently in theaters, to tease the super villain Zuul and a possible sequel.

Illumination’s animated summer hit “The Secret Life of Pets” has one about halfway through its end credits, one that sees humans catching their animals engaged in a wild house party — their grand exposure being possible thread for a new story.

Greengrass is not known for adding extra scenes to his movies, and there’s no need to stick around when the credits start to roll — except to find out who served as key grip on the film, which you should by all means do.

“Jason Bourne” costars Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones and Julia Stiles, and hits theaters July 29.

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