Does Joker Have the Last Laugh in New ‘Gotham’ Teaser? (Video)

Fox’s Batman prequel prepares to yuk it up with its latest bad guy

Go ahead, laugh it up, “Gotham” fans.

A teaser for the next episode of Fox’s Batman prequel drama has emerged, and it looks like yet another familiar face is being added to the show’s arsenal of villains.

While the trailer for the episode, “The Blind Fortune Teller,” doesn’t come out explicitly and say that The Joker will be introduced, it does drop a couple of anvil-sized hints.

“Gotham’s next villain is no joke,” the promo’s tagline reads. Followed by an image of actor Cameron Monaghan laughing maniacally.

As if another hint was necessary, Monaghan tweeted Monday night, “You really should watch #Gotham next week. I’m not clowning around.”

Per IMDb, Monaghan’s character on “Gotham” is named Jerome. Which doesn’t sound very super-villainish, but one never knows….

Watch the most-likely-Joker introduction in the video.