Dolly Grip Steven Buehler Breaks Down Strike Struggles, Eagerness to Make ‘Movie Magic’

The “Bullet Train” and “The Idol” crew member gets candid about life during the strikes in TheWrap’s Bold Steps, presented by Johnnie Walker

Steven Buehler is intimately familiar with the nomadic nature of working as a grip in Hollywood, but the dual strikes of 2023 threw him for a loop. His work ranges from the Brad Pitt action film “Bullet Train” to the sultry HBO series “The Idol,” and Buehler credits his initial desire to be an actor for how he approaches his job.

“I kind of fell into it as I was trying to make my way as an actor. Having a little bit of an acting background helps me as a dolly grip because part of your job is to be able to follow the movements of the actors,” he said in TheWrap’s Bold Steps presented by Johnnie Walker.

Buehler’s last job of 2023 was working on the second season of “American Auto,” then the work dried up due to the strikes.

“2020 was rough, but this year was harder,” he said candidly. “My wife just gave birth to our second daughter in April, and then the strike happened right at the beginning of May. There were a couple of months there without anything, which was nice in part just because I got a chance to bond with this baby more than the first one.”

The grueling job of a crew member meant that when his first daughter was born, Buehler was away most of the day.

“When my first daughter was born, I’d leave home before she was awake and I’d get home from work after she was already in bed. But you know, we needed our health care. We needed to take care of ourselves.”

Now, Buelher is excited to get back to work and looks to the most experienced crew members to help hone his craft.

“I’m going to be doing this for another 30 years probably” he continued. “And I want to try to set the stage for what those 30 years look like to better myself, to better my career. And I’m excited to kind of be back at that, making some movie magic.”


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