‘Morning Joe’ Slams Donald Trump’s ‘Unified Reich’ Post: ‘When Somebody Tells You Who They Are, Believe Them’ | Video

“You could spend the entire day going through the list of things that could be frightening about a second Trump term,” Mika Brzezinski says

Wednesday’s “Morning Joe” panel called out Donald Trump’s track record of celebrating violence and promoting white supremacist ideals after he posted and since-deleted a video that included the term “unified Reich,” a nod to Nazi Germany.

“Some very wise person said, ‘When somebody tells you who they are, you should believe them,” Mitch Landrieu, national cochair of the Biden-Harris campaign said on Tuesday, alongside “The Morning Joe” panel.

“This is part of a large pattern that has been with us since Donald, unfortunately, has been with us. This election’s going to be about a choice. It’s going to be about a guy who gets up every day fighting for the American people, who believes that we’re better together, who believes diversity is a strength, wants to build an economy from the bottom up and the middle out and is actually doing that and getting the work done. Or, somebody who believes that America ought to be left to just a few people and everybody else oughta stand on the side and that his rich friends should benefit.”

Landrieu’s comments are in response to Trump sharing and deleting a video that included the “unified Reich” phrase on his Truth Social account. The segment opened up with host Mika Brzezinski explaining that Trump said a “unified Reich” could happen if he were to win reelection in November. The video was taken down after being live for 19 hours. Brzezinski said Trump has a history of promoting negativity and white supremacist values.

“I think people have become so overwhelmed they tune out. I mean, the white supremacy — ‘stand back, stand by,’ Jan. 6 hostages, the list goes on,” Brzezinski said. “You could spend the entire day going through the list of things that could be frightening about a second Trump term. And then there’s this whole set of Americans out there who are not just exhausted by it but they don’t remember Trump’s presidency, the way it happened.”

Chiming back in, Landrieu said Trump’s behavior is part of a repetitive cycle.

“This statement that the ex-president made is part of a pattern,” Landrieu said, adding, “This is a tip of the hat to white supremacy and white nationalism, which is unfortunately a very important part of the ex-president’s base, which goes to show you what in the world he’s going to do if he gets elected again. He’s already told you he’s going to be a dictator for the day. He wants to make sure that as the president he can order Seal Team 6 to go shoot political opponents. These are the things the American people need to weigh with great seriousness. Donald Trump can’t hide behind it.”

On Tuesday, Biden posted a video directly responding and denouncing Trump’s use of “unified Reich,” saying, “That’s not the language of any American.”

“It’s the language of Hitler’s Germany,” Biden said. “The threat that Trump poses is greater in the second term than it was in the first.”

Watch the full “Morning Joe” segment in the video above.


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