Jimmy Kimmel Predicts Trump’s Reaction if ‘The Apprentice’ Movie Earns Oscar Nom | Video

“He’ll start saying he wrote it,” the ABC host jokes

Donald Trump and his team are decidedly not pleased with ‘The Apprentice,’ the movie about Trump’s early life, in which Sebastian Stan stars as the disgraced ex-president. But, Jimmy Kimmel thinks that’ll definitely change, should the film be nominated for an Oscar.

During his monologue on Tuesday night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the ABC host had a laugh at Steven Cheung, the Trump campaign’s chief spokesman, and his statement on — or, perhaps, review of — the movie, in which they threatened to sue the filmmakers.

“This ‘film’ is pure malicious defamation, should not see the light of day, and doesn’t even deserve a place in the straight-to-DVD section of a bargain bin at a soon-to-be-closed discount movie store, it belongs in a dumpster fire,” the statement reads.

“But if it gets nominated for an Oscar, he’ll start saying he wrote it,” Kimmel joked.

The late night host was particularly delighted by the fact that Dan Snyder, a billionaire and a friend of Trump, was recruited to be an investor on the film, but was under the impression it would paint Trump in a good light.

“He’s Slow and Furious, as the movies go,” Kimmel said.

You can watch Jimmy Kimmel’s full monologue in the video above.


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