Jimmy Kimmel Is Thrilled He Was Mentioned in the Trump Trial: ‘We Are Part of the Official Record’ | Video

“I think I can keep Trump awake during the trial,” the ABC host jokes

Jimmy Kimmel loved being evidence in Trump Trial

Jimmy Kimmel was thrilled during his monologue on Thursday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” by the news he was mentioned in evidence presented during Donald Trump’s ongoing New York criminal trial.

“We are part of it now. We are part of the official record of the people versus Donald Trump,” he crowed.

And he also really wishes he could be there to see if in person because he’s pretty sure he could keep Trump from falling asleep in court again. You can watch the monologue at the top of the page.

“I will explain in a moment but, sufficient to say that when Ryan Murphy makes the 9-part mini-series about this for Fubo, I will be in it. I would assume someone like George Clooney or maybe Chris Hemsworth will be playing me,” Kimmel joked, adding that his sidekick Guillermo would be played by Pedro Pascal.

“The reason why is because, the big surprise bombshell today, at least for us, was when prosecutors entered into evidence, a series of text messages about our show,” Kimmel explained. “So back in 2018, Keith Davidson, who’s the lawyer who helped Stormy negotiate her hush money deal, was apparently surprised that she was booked to be my guest. And concerned about it.”

“So, he texted with Trump’s lawyer, at the time, Michael Cohen, while the show was on the air,” Kimmel continued. “They were watching and texting, which is historic. It’s the first time, I don’t want to brag, but first time a late-night talk show has been introduced into evidence at the criminal trial for a President of the United States. Johnny Carson didn’t get that with Nixon, we got it here.”

“We um – thank you,” Kimmel added.

Kimmel noted how in that episode, “I asked her about a letter that she released, a letter that said she never had an affair with Trump, I questioned whether she actually signed the letter, because the signature looked suspect and Stormy implied that she hadn’t signed the letter.”

“Which,” Kimmel continued, “led to some very angry texts from Trump’s lawyer, who threatened to ‘rain legal hell’ on her. “And while I was pleased as punch for sure to be included today, I feel like prosecutors, I feel like they missed the most important interview I did with Stormy, which was this…”

At this, Kimmel played the moment from the interview when he showed her several different-sized orange plastic mushrooms and asked her which was the most accurate (she picked a very small one).

“Well, you know that’s, if you’re looking to, Johnnie Cochrane would use that, I mean, ‘If the mushroom fits,’ you know what I’m saying?” Kimmel said. “This is why I need to be in court. I’m sick of being out of the court. I want to be in it.”

“Why was I not asked to testify? It’s outrageous! I’m going to start suing people! I don’t know. I really, and I think I can keep Trump awake during the trial,” Kimmel joked.


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