Man Arrested for Stalking Drew Barrymore Arrested Again for Stalking Emma Watson

 Chad Michael Busto broke into a dressing room a New York Fashion Week, according to witnesses

Emma Watson
Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

The man who recently arrested for stalking Drew Barrymore was arrested again on Friday at New York Fashion Week after breaking into a dressing room, apparently attempting to find Emma Watson.

According to court documents, Chad Michael Busto “screamed at models and makeup artists inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard dressing room, repeatedly telling them, ‘I want to marry Emma Watson. Let me speak to Emma Watson. Let me take a photo with Emma Watson,’” TMZ reported on Wednesday.

Busto was previously arrested on August 21 after rushing the stage at a live event at 92NY in Manhattan where Barrymore was interviewing singer and actress Reneé Rap. Videos were shared by attendees of Busto yelling at Barrymore, “You know who I am, I need to see you at some point.”

A few days later, he was charged with stalking in the 4th degree, a class “B” misdemeanor for turning up at Barrymore’s home. Police say he was riding a bicycle into the driveways of several homes in the Village of Sagaponack, Town of Southampton, trying to determine which one belonged to the “Charlie’s Angels” star.

Last week, a judge issued a bench warrant for Busto’s arrest after he missed an appointment to receive his court-ordered GPS ankle monitor.

Watson had already been dealing with stalkers for more than a decade in 2013 when told GQ, “I’ve never really known how to respond; I’ve never really known if I should be afraid or not.”

The British actress, who stopped posing with fans for photos because of her stalkers, told the magazine, “I think it is very important that I don’t allow it to isolate me further, to be another reason why I shouldn’t go out and meet people or walk down the street. Weird guys sometimes take it too far, and that is it. I just keep a friend with me. I don’t have a full-time security guard or anything like that.”

It’s not known if Watson was at the annual fashion show on Friday, but she did attend Soho House Awards in New York City the night before.

Busto, 43, is a resident of Washington DC, according to police documents. He’s been reported to have also stalked actress Amber Heard.