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Editor’s Note

Readers: Light posting this week as I’ll be travelling. In the meantime, here’s another endorsement for my upcoming book, ‘Loot,’ this from the best-selling author Douglas Preston, with my gratitude:

Loot by Sharon Waxman is a riveting foray into the biggest question facing museums today: who should own the great works of ancient art? Waxman is a first-rate reporter, a veritable Euphronios of words, who not only explores the legal and moral ambiguities of the conflict but brings to life the colorful– even outrageous — personalities facing off for a high noon showdown over some of the world’s iconic works of art. Vivid, witty and delightful, this book will beguile any reader with an interest in art and museums. The great strength of this book is that it will offend virtually all parties to the conflict by revealing their deepest, darkest, dirtiest secrets, from the destructive cleaning of the Elgin Marbles by the British to the Keystone Kops level of security in Turkish museums.

–Douglas Preston, author of The Monster of Florence