Elon Musk Insists He’s Not Funding Trump: ‘I’m Not Paying His Legal Bills in Any Way’

The X boss tells Don Lemon he merely attended a breakfast with the former president and has no intentions of financially supporting him

Elon Musk appearing on the Don Lemon Show on X
Elon Musk appeared testy towards the end of the interview on Don Lemon's Show on X

Elon Musk told Don Lemon on his new YouTube series “The Don Lemon Show” that he has no intentions of financially supporting Donald Trump.

In a one-on-one interview with the X (formerly Twitter) owner, Lemon questioned Musk about a wide array of topics, including his Tesla business, the way misinformation is spread on the social media platform and his breakfast outing with the former president.

“Speaking of MAGA, you recently met with Donald Trump in Florida, what did you guys talk about?” Lemon questioned on Monday’s episode.

“I was at a breakfast at a friend’s place, and Donald Trump came by. That’s it’s,” Musk replied, stating that his intention of going to Florida wasn’t in any way related to meeting with Trump. The tech giant added that he was “fine” with the idea of Trump stopping by for breakfast.

Musk went on to say that Trump “did most of the talking” and the conversation consisted of the same material Trump spews online or in front of audiences.

“There was nothing particularly groundbreaking or new,” Musk said. “President Trump likes to talk. And so, he talked. I don’t recall him saying anything that he hasn’t said publicly. And that was it, just a breakfast.”

When it comes to Trump’s mounting legal bills that he’s accrued through his slew of lawsuits, Musk said he won’t be assisting with any of his debt nor contributing monetarily to Trump’s presidential campaign.

“I’m not paying his legal bills in any way, shape or form … and he did not ask me for money,” Musk said.

The conversation between Lemon and Musk comes after the exec gave the former CNN anchor the boot following the pair’s interview. In turn, Lemon opened his debut episode by addressing the matter.

“We’re still here,” Lemon began. “Contrary to what you might have heard, we weren’t canceled by X. Yes, after months of begging me, wooing me to offer some exclusive content on his platform, Elon Musk decided to scrap the deal. But our plan is and always has been to release this show everywhere on YouTube, on Spotify, on iHeart Radio.”

Watch the full episode, below.


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