Facebook Projected to Lose 700,000 Teen Users by 2025 as Next Generation Migrates to Other Platforms | Chart

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Twitter will also lose Gen Z users as Instagram, Snap and TikTok gain in next few years

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Facebook struggles to attract younger users are continuing, with analysts at eMarketer projecting that the platform will lose about 700,000 teen users by 2025.

This is a trend the flagship platform has been grappling with as contenders Snap and then TikTok have gained popularity with younger users. Facebook is expected to lose 1.5 million overall teen users between 2020 and 2025, while Instagram, Snap and TikTok will maintain their popularity with the younger crowd in coming years, according to eMarketer forecasts.

In the next three years, Facebook will see its teen users plummet from 8.7 million in 2022 to 8 million in 2025, according to estimates.