FanBridge Launches YouTube Channel Directory to Help Channels Make More Money

The company will help YouTube creators make videos together and for major brands

FanBridge has launched Channel Pages, a new product that enables YouTube creators to build a page for their channel and connect with other creators and top brands. The pages will be registered in a directory for YouTube channels, permitting both channels and brands to search for other channels based on their interests and the demographics of their audience.

With Channel Pages, they can contact other creators about making videos together and cross-promotion. And they can talk to brands about brand integration and reviewing their products.

“This is a badly needed product that will make the marketplace a lot bigger and enable a more dollars to flow into channels,” FanBridge CEO Spencer Richardson told TheWrap.

The New York-based company works with musicians, athletes, actors and brands to better engage their audiences on a variety of platforms, including YouTube. Now it wants to apply its strategy more broadly on the video-sharing service.

“People have complained about not generating revenue outside of advertising revenue,” Richardson said.

FanBridge president Noah Dinkin said there was no easy way for channels to find other channels they want to work with. Although prominent YouTube networks like Fullscreen offer tools to do just that and ZEFR recently launched a product connecting brands with creators, Dinkin and Richardson maintain that they were uniquely positioned to accomplish both of them.

“We bring the largest managed audience database in the world,” Richardson said. “We’ve been working with tens of thousands of content creators and brand partners over the past 5-plus years.”