FAST Is on the Rise, but What Are Consumers Watching? | Charts

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A new survey from Whip Media reveals consumer behavior around the growing free ad-supported platforms

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Free Ad-Supported Television is increasing in both popularity and awareness among consumers, a new survey from content performance tracking platform Whip Media reveals. Public awareness of FAST platforms like Tubi, Roku Channel, Pluto and Freevee collectively saw a 43% average increase since 2021, while nearly half of respondents said they watched FAST channels at least a “few times” per month.

Whip Media’s fifth annual SVOD study is based on the responses of 2,000 U.S. TV Time users. A whopping 78% of FAST viewers said they’re watching the same amount or more FAST content this year compared to last year, underlining a lack of decline as companies (and by extension advertisers) attempt to chase consumers.


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