‘Fast X’ – the Most Expensive Film in the Franchise – Needs to Conquer the World to Make a Profit

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“Fast & Furious” has always been a bigger hit overseas, and its 10th installment will rely on that to make money off its $340 million budget

Fast X
Jason Momoa in "Fast X" (Universal)

Dominic Toretto and the Family are back for a 10th lap this weekend with Universal’s “Fast X,” the latest installment in a “Fast & Furious” series that over the past two decades has become one of Universal’s biggest box office titans.

But “Fast X” will test how much interest moviegoers worldwide still have in this global moneymaker, as it heads into theaters with the biggest budget of any film in the “F&F” series. Currently, box office projections have “Fast X” earning an opening weekend of $65 million-$73 million in North America and $280 million-$305 million worldwide.

As TheWrap reported last year, the production budget for “Fast X” ballooned to $340 million, well above the reported $200 million-$225 million production spend for its 2021 predecessor “F9.”