Fox Business Host Maria Bartiromo Goes on Twitter Blocking Spree After Disastrous Interview

Bartiromo whips out the block button after claiming on Friday that President Trump faces “no allegations” of sexual harassment

On Friday, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo bluntly declared that President Donald Trump is facing “no allegations” of sexual harassment. Pundits and media watchers widely mocked the segment with former Obama administration deputy Secretary of Labor Chris Lu, generally labeling it a disaster.

Now Bartiromo is hitting back, blocking major media figures on Twitter who had the temerity to comment. Over the weekend, CNN’s “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter reported being blocked by Bartiromo after tweeting about the segment.

Bartiromo also cut off her former Fox News colleague Gretchen Carlson, who has now become icon of the broader movement against workplace sexual harassment.

Throughout the weekend, Bartiromo continued to shut down followers who criticized her. In addition to blue checks, the morning anchor unleashed the block button on random Twitter users as well.

Bartiromo declined to apologize for the Trump allegations falsehood on Monday, and rather insisted she had been taken out of context.

Bartiromo has used her block button liberally in the past as well.

Stelter and Carlson now join Yashar Ali, Stephanie Ruhle, Roland Martin — and probably many others — on the Bartiromo blacklist.